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    Padova, PD, IT 2012

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Padova, Italy, 2012


Name: Residential Unit
Organizer: Private
Project Typology: Residential
Location: Padova, Italy
Year: 2012
Competition Typology: Restricted
Stage: single stage
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
PROAP Italia
Designers: Alex Braggion
Gianpolo Di Benedetto
Joao Ferreira Nunes
Contributors: Micol Bergamo

The project of the new residential complex is the redevelopment of the entire area in both architectural and landscape terms. Consider the new intervention as a unique opportunity to transform a piece of the city. The foundational aspects on which the project is based are the street front on Via Campagnola and the Ortus Conclusus inside the existing urban settlement. This “void” is a hinge between two historical fabrics: the compact front on Via S. Giovanni da Verdara and Via I. Viel and the system of twentieth-century subdivisions that persist between Via P. Canal and Via Fusinato.

The urban front thus created, generates a strong homogeneity of facades with the context by scanning the horizontal planes and vertical partitions of the windows. On the other hand, its interior, more open and articulated, will be almost completely glazed and enriched by terraces and deep loggias falling from the external edge of the building that could possibly be closed by sliding glass partitions, thus creating a winter garden. The ground floor apartments will be well, as well as of loggias, also of hanging gardens. There are three apartments on the upper floors. The top floor provides that each apartment is equipped with a Penthouse obtained in the part of the existing attic. This is the razor’s edge and the razor’s edge.

Five semi-detached villas with attached gardens will be closed.This articulation of volumes, located along the curve of Via Campagnola, allows you to identify the covered entrance hallway to the entire pedestrian and caravan complex. This is the only point where you can glimpse and never unveil the interior of the private park. A second pedestrian access (public and private) and driveway is via P. Canal. At the center of these two parks, public and private, we have had to “accident” the two urban cities that are inserted, according to their position and size, in the jersey generated by the twentieth century subdivision. This additional type of housing, immersed in the private park, is a privilege of privacy and privacy.