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    Sappada, UD, IT 2011

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Sappada, UD, Italy, 2011

1st Prize

Name: Alpine Sports Resort
Organizer: Municipality of Sappada
Project Typology: Sports and Recreation
Location: Sappada, UD, Italy
Year: 2011
Competition Typology: Open
Stage: 2nd stage
Result: 1st Prize
Cost (estimated): € 14’000’000
Firm: Aurelio Galfetti
B+D+M Architetti
LVL Architettura
Proap Italia
Designers: Aurelio Galfetti,
Alex Braggion
Luciano Schiavon
Joao Ferreira Nunes
Contributors: Laura Bogon,Filippo Malachin

The proposed project is at the same time landscaping, urban planning and architectural design. It is a territorial project. “Territorial” means in particular two things: the first is that the new intervention is considered as a unique opportunity to transform a piece of “diffused city” into a place that can and enhance and dialogue with a natural landscape of extraordinary beauty.
The second meaning is that the project is rooted in the geography of the place, placing significant limits on the chaotic growth of the widespread city and drawing its strength from an architectural vision that does not camouflage but underlines the artificiality of the built environment.