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    Padova, PD, IT 2014

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Padova, Italy, 2014

Name: Apartment Renovation
Client: Private
Project Typology: Houses
Location: Padova, PD, Italy
Year: 2014
Total Floor Area: 180 sqm
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Designers: Alex Braggion

The project is a sustainable renovation of a 120 square meter apartment built in the 60s in Padua: the distribution and internal spatiality was completely revolutionized.
The main challenge of the project was to create a bio-ecological home and, at the same time, to transform the apartment into a contemporary space. High energy consumption and low environmental comfort have been solved by completely covering the perimeter of the house with wood fiber panels and fiber cement slabs. The floor was insulated and made radiant, the ceiling lowered, soundproofed and thermally insulated. The apartment is conceived like a single large space: fluid and open, without closed rooms, consisting of walls in acoustic plaster-fiber panels that, thanks to full-height mobile doors and sliding doors, make the rooms communicating with each other. Custom furniture and wardrobes as well as transparency effects between the rooms contribute to increase the internal spatiality, which makes the residence an innovative and contemporary space. The fluidity of the spaces allows the tenants to access at the same time to the splendid panoramas enjoyable from the opposing faces. he finishes are made up of few, “natural” materials such as natural oak wood and plaster-fiber panels.
The lighting project, which involves the use of LED lamps, has been designed to determine and enhance the various spaces and coverings. Energy saving, bio-architecture, ergonomics and comfort are distinctive features of this intervention, a reflection of a sustainable architectural approach.