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    San Giorgio delle Pertiche, PD, Italy, 2000

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San Giorgio delle Pertiche, PD, Italy, 2000

1st Prize

Name: Arsego Square
Organizer: Municipality of San Giorgio delle Pertiche
Project Typology: Urban Design
Location: San Giorgio delle Pertiche, PD, Italy
Year: 2000
Competition Typology: Open
Stage: single stage
Result: 1st prize
Outdoor Area: 5350 sqm
Cost (estimated): € 313’702
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Designers: Alex Braggion
Partners: Stefano Alessi – security
Gianni Piazza – electrical

The construction of the Arsego Square took place over a period of four years in three functional sections, after the victory of the competition. The project aimed at preserving and enhancing the landscape context in which the project area is inserted. Another priority was to underline the presence of the social element by creating a symbiosis between the already-present architectures and the redesign of the adjoining spaces. This recomposition involved a space characterized by the centrality of the church.
Particular attention has been paid to the rearrangement of the road structure in order to allow better traffic and greater pedestrian protection. The new spaces that compose the new town center, including the renewed road aligned with the church, the new churchyard with the fountain located east of the bell tower and the pedestrian street, are characterized by specific (yet complementary) themes and an homogeneous use of materials such as the porphyry of Trentino and the stone of Trani.
The area to the east of the church, currently devoid of a functional destination, is enriched with an elongated pool of water.