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    Canobbio, CH, 2020

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Canobbio, Swiss Confederation, 2020
6th prize

Name: Canobbio school center
New multipurpose hall and extension of school
Organizer: Municipality of Canobbio
Project Typology: Educational
Location: Canobbio, CH
Year: 2020
Competition Typology: Open
Stage: 2nd stage
Result: 6th
Total Floor Area: 10’730 sqm
Volume: 11’423 cubic meters
Firm: Atelier ON sagl
Designers: Alex Braggion
Luciano Schiavon
Partners: Studio Lepori SA
VRT Visani Rusconi Talleri SA
Bondini e Colombo sagl
Ing. Andrea Roscetti
Contributors: Riccardo Lazzarini
Francesco Roccaforte
Jacopo Tibaldo

Our poject originates from the intention to preserve and enhance the free green spaces existing in the south and north, avoiding to occupy them with the new building quantities required by the tender. The layout of the new buildings takes up the compositional organization of the existing school building. The proposed extension in continuity with the existing school, in the southern portion of the vacant land, takes up the step and the section of the modules of the original classrooms and, albeit with an important structural concept, is linked to these creating a new spatiality.

The main access to the school is confirmed. Slight internal changes to the existing building rationalize the body of the building perpendicular to the body of the classrooms, transforming it into an area dedicated to the philharmonic rehearsal room, while in the basement there will be the choir room in joint use with the music education room. From the corridor that distributes to the existing classrooms starts the connection with the new wing that distributes the administrative rooms and other classrooms to the west, and the library and refectory to the east. On the first floor there are classrooms for recreational activities and classrooms for after school that can. The new multipurpose room, also suitable for sporting events, becomes the center of attraction for all the recreational activities that will take place in the town.