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    Cittadella, PD, IT, 2019

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Cittadella, PD, Italy, 2019

Name: Cittadella Hospital
Organizer: ULSS6 Euganea
Project Typology: Healthcare
Location: Cittadella, PD, IT
Year: 2019
Competition Typology: Restricted
Stage: 2nd stage
Result: 3rd
Total Floor Area: 16’030 sqm
Cost (estimated): € 25’000’000
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Striolo, Fochesato & Partners
Studio Architetti Mar
Designers: Alex Braggion
Gianpaolo Di Benedetto
Partners: Pool Engineering S.R.L.
Manens-Tifs S.P.A
Contributors: Riccardo Lagioia
Samantha Minozzi
Francesco Roccaforte
Jacopo Tibaldo

The new building complex formed by three buildings of different heights, sloping down towards the walls, in order to admire the landscape, allows to tear down a lot of existing factory buildings. The project for the new pavilion completes in a definitive way the organization of the Cittadella hospital.

The architectural shape follows the importance of the care function. The complex consists of three buildings, which follow planimetrically the articulations of the existing buildings, they adapt generating open spaces and courtyards of different amplitude that make the space highly livable, designed for the needs of patients and of the operators. The quality of the forms responds to the functional needs of a modern hospital and the composition is characterized from full-height holes. The design of external areas is articulated through the relationship with the historic city center, with the redesign of the spaces towards the walls and adjacent open spaces at the existing entrance and the articulation of open spaces with the design of the pedestrian areas.

The  structure is in X-Lam, with a fast and  sustainable construction. The parts of the building are in reinforced concrete and wood for the upper levels. The construction system adopted is  panels of X-Lam, which have the ability to perform both the structural function and contributing to energy savings.