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    Selvazzano Dentro, PD, IT 2012

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Selvazzano Dentro, PD, Italy, 2012

Name: Country Villa
Client: Private
Project Typology: Houses
Location: Selvazzano Dentro, PD, IT
Year Started: 2010
Year Completed: 2012
Volume: 1’200 cubic meters
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Jessica Sarli
Designers: GianPaolo Di Benedetto
Jessica Sarli
Awards: Best Works – Barbara Capocchin Prize 2014

This project was selected among the best works of the Barbara Cappochin Prize in the 2014 edition.
The building is developed in three distinct volumes with different shapes and heights, unified with the same white-plastered texture.
The main entrance, located on the west side, is visually marked by the cantilever roof.
The living room, located in the central zone of the house, has a double height area: the other spaces of the house are built around this central void. Three large windows overlook three sides of the garden, ensuring natural lighting at all hours of the day.
The kitchen is connected to a portico through a large window: the portico wraps it, extending the space towards a veranda and the garden.
The contemporary forms of the project are set against the use of traditional materials, such as porphyry in outdoor flooring and wood in coatings.
Particular attention was given to the lighting design, in particular to the artificial lighting: it was not conceived as an accessory, but as an element of the project, which collaborates in the definition of the volumes.