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    Padova, PD, Italy 2009

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Padova, PD, Italy, 2009

Name: Funerary Chapel
Client: Private
Status: Built
Typology: Religion
Location: Padova, PD, Italy
Total Floor Area: 12,96
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Designers: Alex Braggion

The private funicular edicule, built in the expansion of the monumental cemetery of Padova di Jappelli, has a base of 3.60 m in height 5 m has a surface of 13 sqm. Its dimensions are imposed by cemetery regulations. It appears as a prism of white Roman travertine. In plan it is divided into two overlapping parts, which determine the supporting structure. The two sides are covered with 5 blocks of stone each, 15 cm thick overlapping. The two doors, 4.58 m high and 15 cm thick each in monolithic Travertine blocks, open, turning on two eccentric pins, come two arms, determining a relationship with the outside. In the middle, between the two doors and the fixed bottom there are two crosses in raw bronze, cast in lost wax, 3.67 m high and 3 cm thick. The roof is composed of two monolithic slabs of 20 cm thick travertine resting on the supporting structure of the niches.