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    Padova, PD, IT 2015

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Padova, Italy, 2015

Name: House for Two Brothers
Client: private
Status: Built
Typology: Houses
Location: Padova, PD, Italy
Year Started: 2012
Year Completed: 2015
Tootal Floor Area: 536 sqm
Outdoor Area: 1646 sqm
Volume: 1217 cubic meters
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Designers: Alex Braggion
Contributors: Filippo Malachin
Micol Bergamo

The site on which the villa for two brothers was built is in a favorable position: very close to the city center, it has the east side bordering the non-buildable area near the cemetery.
Privileged views open onto the green space and the sturdy walls of the monumental cemetery. The desire to have an open front towards this agricultural area has generated the volumetric and functional organization of the villa. The different needs of the two brothers have determined the different shape and size of the two residential units.
Concepts of duality and complementarity are expressed, as well as equilibrium in asymmetry.
Two side volumes and a central one are resting on a unitary base, which defines the limit between the internal “mineral” living and the external “vegetal” life.
The largest unit has a loggia open on two sides, facing south, dominated by the overhang of the upper terrace, open to the sky.
The smallest has a loggia towards the east, while a north is the living room on a plateatico bordered by a concrete portal.
The central volume, higher than the other two, includes the secondary functions of the two above.
The simple white surfaces give a sculptural volumetric design, with a clear identification of the volumes and their correspondences in plan.
The cleaniness of the forms is obtained with the white plaster for opaque surfaces and with large windows for transparent surfaces.