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    Sesto San Giovanni, MI, IT 2018

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Sesto San Giovanni, MI, Italy, 2018

5th Prize

Name: House in Milanosesto
Organizer: Milanosesto s.p.a.
Project Typology: Mixed Use
Location: Sesto San Giovanni, MI, Italy
Year: 2018
Competition Typology: Open
Stage: 2nd stage
Result: 5th place
Total Floor Area: 12500 sqm Residential
1089 sqm Commercial
5112 sqm Parking
Cost (estimated): € 19’314’780
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Designers: Alex Braggion
Gian Paolo Di Benedetto
Andrea Menegotto
Contributors: Samantha Minozzi
Riccardo Lagioia

Our project involves the construction of a block within the Urban Masterplan for Sesto San Giovanni by Renzo Piano, that punctually defines the strategies, but leaves open some modalities of interpretation, especially of the territory and the relationships with it. The project arises from the reading of the local context and the Masterplan and pursues the dual purpose of generating public spaces and functional and attractive paths and creating a living environment for residents qualified by light, ease of orientation, community relations and points of view to the outside.
We can not ignore a reflection that has invested the repetitiveness of the constituent elements and their specular orientation with respect to the central avenue.
We share the urban and territorial plan of the master plan but we believe that the residential block should seek relationships with the surrounding context, city to the south and park to the northeast, rather than only with the buildings within the Masterplan. We have therefore decided to accentuate the urban relationship with the avenue and view the park by rotating the outline of the building proposed by the 180 ° Masterplan.
The project follows the requests given by the competition both in architectural and economic terms.
Conceptually, the building looks like a huge block detached from the ground by pillars, set back from the facade and dug into the interior. The expression of the unitary façade on four sides, determined by the shell punctuated by a rhythm of constant windows and arranged on two slightly staggered levels, is “broken” by some double-height loggias,arranged at random, and by  the “erosion” of the prism in the central part, which causes the creation of a court building open towards the avenue, the interior of the courtyard thins upwards, enriching the central space and illuminating the volume of the building, removing the monumentality from the architectural expression interior that is different from the external one thanks to the game created by the large glazed openings, the internal loggias and the generous terraces that overlook the large park.
The goal is to favor connections between the urban area of ​​Sesto San Giovanni (via Mazzini and via Falck) with the interesting boulevard that orders the architectural plan of the Masterplan, passing through the building of the project. The fluidity of the spaces on the ground, which extend from the avenue to the tree-lined court and emerge on Via Mazzini, through the filtered passage that offers the portico, allow the visitor to perceive the urban space by relating it with the commercial space front and with the spaces interiors above residential, which are open inside the court, generating an interesting urban and social mixité.
The internal space of the central courtyard is public on the ground and common floor, for the exclusive use of residents, on the third floor where the five stairways are connected by an annular path, which leads into the condominium terrace, where the gardens and equipment are located collective leisure time.
The “C” shape open on the north-east side provides for the arrangement of the glazed facades mainly to the north-east and north-west. This orientation allows you to take advantage of the widespread irradiation in winter and to protect yourself naturally in the summer.