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    Capriasca, CH 2016

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Capriasca, CH, 2016

Name: New Primary School
Organizer: Municipality of Capriasca
Project Typology: Education
Location: Capriasca, CH
Year: 2016
Competition Typology: Open
Stage: single stage
Firm: Atelier4Architetti
Designers: Aurelio Galfetti
Alex Braggion
Carola Barchi
Luciano Schiavon
Partners: Messi & Associati SA – structures
Contributors: Samantha Minozzi
Annalisa Bertani
Alessandra Argenziano
Stefania Berto
Roberta Chiorboli
Codrin Graur

The project is an extremely compact solution to urban planning and architectural issues. The existing gymnasium and the new buildings (classroom, refectory, services and new gym) combine in a unique and homogeneous volume, a full quadrangular, furrowed and structured by two orthogonal paths (cardo and decumano) that link the school complex with all the different pre-existences. The new set unites and unites the existing elements through a contemporary language of reinforced concrete, glass and wood.

The new school is located on the site of the current one, while the new gym is planned on the area of ​​the current basketball court.
It was decided to use these spaces to guarantee a compact architectural ensemble with a clear functional identity.
The two orthogonal routes between them, in addition to linking the various parts of the country, also connect the altitude jumps present in the area.
The school on the ground floor houses the school and the kitchen, the entrance hall and administrative quantities. On the two upper floors all the required classrooms and the entrance hall are located. A corridor, overlooking the church, connects the classrooms, which overlook the park, to the atrium.

The gym, totally glazed on all 4 sides, contains the changing rooms and showers and accessories in the basement, while on the ground floor there is the entrance hall. For all the rooms a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery has been provided, in order to guarantee the air hygiene requirements dictated by the Minergie standard. For the gym there is a solar thermal system for the production of domestic hot water necessary for showers. The flat roofs of the new buildings lend themselves to the realization of a possible photovoltaic system.