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    Arbedo - Castione, CH 2015

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New School Compartment

Arbedo - Castione, CH

Name: NEW School Compartment
Organizer: Municipality of Arbedo – Castione
Project Typology: Education
Location: Arbedo – Castione, CH
Year: 2015
Competition Typology: Open
Stage: single stage
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Designers: Alex Braggion
Gianpaolo Di Benedetto
Orazio Basso
Davide Scaglierini
Contributors: Samantha Minozzi, Alessandra Argenziano, Marta Michieli

The project has as its primary objective the clear identification of a unitary and entirely pedestrianized school division.
As a strategy, it was decided to reduce the number of new buildings in just two volumes concentrating the functions required by the call for proposals.
The new public park acts as a buffer between the school sector and the city. All the open spaces of the school area are connected to the park by pedestrian paths. The new kindergarten is characterized as a long and low body with a rectangular plan on whose west front the accesses to the sections are positioned in sequence. Its long front defines the western edge of the school sector. The load-bearing structure has a constant pitch, defines the scanning of the various sections and supports a large covering projecting on the long sides. Inside the space is defined only by the septa separation and wooden volumes containing alternatively toilets or storage areas and service rooms.

The classrooms for quiet activities and movement activities open onto the garden through large sliding windows. The contiguity of the sections makes it possible to reduce the circulation area to a minimum while still ensuring effective transversal distribution along the perimeter of the building. In addition to the nursery school with related services, this one building also houses the school primary school and middle school. As a construction material, wood was chosen, which is well suited to the simplicity of the construction system adopted and allows a high standardization of the construction elements. It is planned the construction of a unique thermal power plant that will heat all the school buildings. The same will be buried in a position facing the nursery school.