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    Bolzano, BZ, IT 2017

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BOLZANO, BZ, Italy, 2017


Name: NOI Techpark – Lot B2
Organizer: NOI Techpark Südtirol
Nature Of Innovation
Project Typology: Education and Research
Location: Bolzano, BZ, Italy
Year: 2017
Competition Typology: Restricted
Stage: single stage
Result: Mention
Cost: € 17’000’000
Firm: Atelier4Architetti
Designers: Aurelio Galfetti
Alex Braggion
Carola Barchi
Luciano Schiavon
Samantha Minozzi
Roberta Springhetti
Contributors: Riccardo Lagioia
Francesco Roccaforte
Codrin Graur
Alberto Varotto

Our project originates from the reading of the territorial context. It pursues the dual purpose of generating functional and attractive public spaces (and collective paths), as well as building a living and working environment for researchers that will be qualified by light, ease of orientation and views on the outside.
The goal is to facilitate connections between the external urban area with the interesting internal garden of the NOI, without prejudice, obviously, to the need for a foyer with protected access.
Drawing the facade for a series of buildings that will form an urban front becomes very difficult if the buildings have different implementation phases and destinations. Precisely for this reason we have not thought about a repeatable facade “sic et simpliciter” but with a pattern, a sort of meccano that can be assembled according to the needs.
The cylindrical courtyards also characterize the distribution spaces at all levels, giving them fluidity, great brightness and the possibility of orientation, through a generous intervisibility effect between the various floors of the complex.