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    Montebelluna, TV, Italy, 2011

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Montebelluna, TV, Italy, 2011

1st Prize

Name: Hospital Regeneration
Organizer: Municipality of Montebelluna
Project Typology: Healthcare
Location: Montebelluna, TV, Italy
Year: 2011
Competition Typology: Open
Stage: 2nd stage
Result: 1st prize
Cost (estimated): € 30’000’000
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Lamberto Borsoi
Contributors: Maddalena Poggi
Chiara Stragiotti
Annalaura Tolomio

The design solution proposed for the regeneration of the Old Hospital area of ​​Montebelluna is based on some historical and foundational aspects of the man-made territory of the Montello area.
The design involved the construction of two buildings, placed orthogonally to the historic Villa Carretta – the former headquarters of the Old Hospital – whose strong cultural value has generated a planimetric layout of the new volumes, in respect of the landscape in which they are located.
The project idea is that of a “green, open and transparent” Citadel of Health. The square and the base house the public functions of service and support to the main functions of the District and the retirement home. Detached from the retirement home there are two volumes of two floors for hospitalization, daytime services, the health / administrative management, the prevention department and all the main services. Along the main axis of the composition in the east-west direction, which is the background of the “cleaned up” prospect of Villa Carretta, expands the public square, the real “beating heart” of the entire architectural system, in a functional and distributive convergence.