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    Jesolo, VE, Italy, 2010

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Jesolo, VE, Italy, 2010

1st Prize

Name: Public Spaces
Organizer: Municipality of Jesolo
Project Typology: Urban Design
Location: Jesolo, VE, Italy
Year: 2010
Competition Typology: Open
Stage: single stage
Result: 1st prize
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Contributors: Filippo Malachin
Chiara Stragiotti
Annalaura Tolomio

The project includes a series of interventions aimed at transforming the current squares into a concatenation of large and medium-sized public spaces, mostly reserved to pedestrians, destined to become the zone of the historic center that can host public events, new commercial activities, residential complexes and a more rational arrangement of the weekly market.
This intent is achieved through the recomposition of the urban fabric, by replacing some of the existing buildings and including new artifacts that, in addition to generating new spatial realities, will help to define new relationships from the river Sile up to the cemetery area.
The requests for the competition announcement were interpreted with a series of “architectural gestures” based on three different areas – the zone of the church, the setting of the Riva del Sile and the area of ​​Piazza Kennedy – linked to each other in a compact and unitary design thanks to the flooring, which weave spatial, perceptive and social relationships. The urban planning redevelopment idea generates a system of squares that link the whole historical context of the town with the Sile riverbed and its banks. The design has been directed, as a whole and in its global articulation, to the restructuring and urban renewal of the areas of the historic center, identifying the most sensitive areas of intervention, without letting the strong historical and cultural value of the overall structure to lose historical significance, social and urban planning. It was decided to concentrate the construction in buildings in line and block, more consistent with the existing geometric urban structure, to highlight the urban “voids”, such as Piazza Matteotti, the new square to the north of the church, Piazza Kennedy and of the market and piazza della Repubblica with the new water-front along the Sile.