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    Piombino Dese, PD, Italy 2009

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Piombino Dese, PD, Italy

3rd Prize

Name: Public Spaces
Organizer: Municipality of Piombino Dese
Project Typology: Urban Design
Location: Piombino Dese, PD, Italy
Year: 2009
Competition Typology: Open
Stage: single stage
Result: 3rd prize
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Stefano Alessi
Designers: Alex Braggion
Gianpaolo Di Benedetto
Paolo Meneghetti
Stefano Alessi
Contributors: Maddalena Poggi

The project aims to redevelop the area surrounding the town hall of Piombino Dese, object of a complex set of works: the enhancement of the squares Andrea Palladio, Pio X and Risorgimento, the restructuring and redevelopment of the former Consorzio Agrario building complex, the the inclusion of ground and underground parking lots, the project of a residential complex to the west and the demolition of the Carabinieri barracks, create a new scenario focused on a large empty space to be redesigned.
In fact, the square is a unitary space, surrounded by the presence of existing buildings, the Town Hall to the north, the building curtain to the south, the existing buildings and the east and the west and concluded by the presence of a new building, aligned to the existing Town Hall which has the function of establishing spatial relations with all the buildings described above. The presence of this artifact of closing of Piazza Andrea Palladio involves the current municipal headquarters and the former Agricultural Consortium, which become an integral part of the proposal, both as a distributive / organizational program and as a fifth through which to access, through the large loggia , the communal communal spaces – auditoriums, rooms for associations, rooms for temporary exhibitions, offices of the governing bodies – and the raised rear square on which the block of the auditorium juts out, partially covering it.
The design was directed, as a whole and in its global structure, to restructuring and conversion, keeping the historical memory of the former Agricultural Consortium, to the construction of a residential and commercial building located orthogonally compared to the existing Town Hall and the historic Villa Cornaro , whose strong cultural value has generated a planimetric setting of new buildings respecting the general landscape context on which they insist and the relative environmental protection.