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    Padova, PD, IT 2014

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Padova, Italy, 2014

Name: Single House Renovation in the Old City
Client: private
Status: Built
Typology: Houses
Location: Padova, PD, Italy
Year: 2014
Total Floor Area: 297 sqm
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Designers: Alex Braggion
Contributors: Marta Michieli
Micol Bergamo

The project concerns the renovation of a villa in Padua. It is bordered to the north-side by the sixteenth-century walls and its canal.
The urban plan is based mainly on the perimeter of the walls, to which, sometimes, the buildings were connected through additions following the construction of the main bodies.
Within this mesh has been developed an urban settlement with the typical features of the garden city: a rather dense subdivision composed of single-family or multi-family residential houses, mainly developed on two floors above ground with adjoining private gardens.

The renovation project starts from these considerations, trying to preserve the plan and the shape of the building, intervening through the slight transformation of the external parts, thanks to the formation of a new facade and the reconstruction of the interior spaces, with modifications on the the distribution features.
In order for the existing building’s volumetric system to remain unaltered and clearly legible, two covered outdoor terraces were placed along the short north and south sides.
From the outside, the single-family house appears as a parallelepiped volume surmounted by a pavilion roof.