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    Lugano, CH 2010

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Lugano, Swiss Confederation, 2010

8th Prize

Name: CSL – Students’ Hostel Restoration
Organizer: Canton Ticino
Project Typology: Culture, Restoration
Location: Lugano, CH
Year: 2010
Competition Typology: Open
Stage: 1st stage
Result: 8th prize
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Luigi Pellegrini
Partners: Giorgio Masotti – Structures
Geo Viviani – Fire prevention Systems
Fabio Solcà – Electrotechnical
Tkatzik – HVAC
Bruno Vital – Building Physics
Contributors: Chiara Stragiotti

The project for the renovation of the building to be used as administrative offices of the URC and the AC, and at the student’s hostel keeps the original architectural and structural design unaltered.
It is configured as an artifact composed of two prisms: the main one serving the offices and a secondary one containing all the lifts and accessory compartments.

It has been chosen to maintain the architectural structure and image of the east and west facades, which demonstrate a clear adherence to the principles of rationalist architecture of the ’60s and’ 70s. The analysis of the architectural and structural plans convinced us that the supporting apparatus and the external image had to be maintained emphasizing them, determining the operations of “architectural surgery” in relation to the internal parts, window systems, internal separations, “emptying” of the ground floor, adapting the building to the new functional / plant requirements required by the competition announcement. The ground floor is configured as a totally glazed space open to the city, in order to make more evident the relationship that the new functions establish with the urban environment and to make clear the compositional strength of the supporting structure.
The portico serves as the main entrance to the various functions. The kitchen and the canteen, as well as all the existing internal partitions, have been eliminated to make room for a new and more rational arrangement of community spaces.