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    Jesolo, VE, IT 2008

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Jesolo, VE, Italy, 2008

Name: The East Gate
Client: Private
Status: Unbuilt
Typology: Mixed Use
Location: Jesolo, VE, Italy
Year: 2008
Volume: 300’000 cubic meters
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Designers: Alex Braggion
Contributors: Luigi Pellegrini
Renato Vitaliani – structures
PROAP italia: João Nunes – landscape

The project is configured as a mixed-use building project in which a series of different intended uses coexist: a medium-sized food sales structure, shops such as neighborhood stores, residential, outdoor and underground parkings. All these functions gravitate around a public square that represents the natural extension of the road axis that links it to Piazza Torino, from which a series of pedestrian cycle paths depart towards the new public park to the west and the green area to the east of via Mocenigo.
On the square overlook a large part of the commercial activities and the entrances to the vertical paths that lead to the residences placed from the 1st level up to the 5th level. The other commercial activities overlook the new street parallel to via Torcello and along the front of Via Mocenigo, enriched by fountains. From the public reservoir there are also accesses, through moving carpets, elevators and ramps, to the underground parking lots and to the hanging square, also partially public.
The project in question represents a sum of spaces that, through specific different functions, guarantee an entirely new and multi-dimensional image of the public space. Through a network of clear relationships and a juxtaposition of architectural elements that identify the different functions, the square is open and airy, covered only by the changes in the residences from the third level up to the fifth.