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    Agno, CH 2013

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Agno, Swiss Confederation, 2013

1st Prize

Name: The Villa Bernasconi – Villa and Land Parcel
Organizer: Juan Al Parco AG
Project Typology: Residential
Location: Agno, CH
Year: 2013
Competition: Restricted
Stage: 2nd stage
Result: 1st prize
Firm: Atelier4Architetti
Designers: Aurelio Galfetti
Alex Braggion
Carola Barchi
Luciano Schiavon
Partners: Messi & Associati SA, Steam SRL, Erisel SA
Contributors: Marta Michieli, Alessandra Argenziano, Samantha Minozzi

In this competition the main theme to be addressed was the urban relationship between the existing villa (to be preserved and restored) and the new building.
To leave the autonomy of the villa and its original feature as an isolated element dominated by the landscape, we have located the 5 new volumes as far upstream as possible.
A clear diversity of the architectural languages ​​expressed – beginning of the 20th century for the villa, contemporary for the new building – accentuates the different relationships with the landscape.
Also the urban design features, such as the landscape design ones, have had a great importance for the definition of the spaces and the architectural structures.
To give the building of the new residential area an interesting and balanced relationship with the green areas and the landscape in general, we considered the 5 volumes envisaged as a unitary element made up of elements of equal size and height.
These rectangular volumes, arranged perpendicular to the level curves, delimit four green visual channels that, both for the general view of the far landscape, and for a close-up view, connect the agricultural area upstream with the area of ​​the vineyard downstream.
Apart from giving the building complex a discreet presence, the scenographic features described have generated interesting architectural aspects.
The houses overlook with large pergola terraces both towards the lake, downstream, and towards the agricultural area and the mountain, upstream.
The ground floor houses overlook the private gardens in the valley, while those on the first floor have access to the roof terrace.
The volumes of the houses rest on a basement that houses all the services (garages, cellars, storage rooms, technical rooms) and the common areas of the complex (wellness and fitness, hobby, multipurpose room, wine tasting cellar).
Four hypogean courts relate the residences to the basement, bringing the light to the common areas.
This lower level is located at the same level as the vehicular access to the west and the non-buildable flat area downstream of the complex, where the swimming pools and the common play area are located.