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    Padova, PD, IT 2011

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Padova, Italy, 2011

Name: Zara 59
Client: Private
Status: Built
Typology: Houses
Location: Padova
Province: PD
State: Italy
Year Completed: 2011
Total Floor Area: 150 sqm
Outdoor: 500 sqm
Volume: 1200 cubic meters
Firm: B+D+M Architetti
Designers: Alex Braggion
Contributors: Maddalena Poggi
Annalaura Tolomio

The project concerns the renovation and expansion of a villa in Padua in via Zara.
The shape of the existing building, consisting of two residential units, has remained easily intelligible. The volume of the expansion, new and modern, is admittedly a volumetric addition.

Three apartments, spread over three floors, are served by a common staircase, located on the position of the previous ramp.
From the outside the three-family house appears as two surmounted parallelepiped volumes: the existing volume keeps the same height, the same inclination of the roof but different window positions. The new volume is inserted transversely into the existing volume, and consists of a parallelepiped with a two-pitched roof.
The façades are plastered gray on the existing part of the building while the new addition is white, the windows are lacquered in white and the security is guaranteed by metal shutters on the upper floors and railings on the ground floor.

The choice of materials follows the pursuit for simplicity and essentiality.